When We Gather…Please Be Considerate & Safe

I know that we have discussed COVID protocols previously, but I wanted to drop a list here to summarize some of the main compliance/safety points for our church as allowed by the state of California. Please reference info frequently. As public orders and other circumstances change, new protocols will be announced and distributed.

Currently, we are allowed to meet as a church with appropriate physical distancing within outside spaces. Mask are required while roaming the campus, but once seated we do allow for the removal of your mask as long as you maintain physical distance. This is similar to restaurants.

As many of you know, we have a very vulnerable population whom we want to keep safe and secure while still offering spiritual care. We appreciate your compliance with these necessities and look forward to safer and better days ahead. For now here are the current protocols deemed necessary by the county of San Diego, whom we are working closely with.

  1. Masks are required anytime social distancing is not available. This includes off-site meetings. Maintain distance and wear masks until seated at a distance.
  2. Indoor meetings are strongly discouraged but may be necessary for staff or leaders to get together. If a small group of people are meeting indoors, it needs to be socially distanced or masked. Masks should be worn while entering and exiting the building, as well as any time we are moving around the room. You may remove your mask when seated, but only if the leader plans to sanitize the area after the group leaves. (There is a separate sanitation process, see Drea for details if needed).
  3. If you are transporting congregants, youth, volunteers or other staff on the clock and/or for an event, masks must be worn because social distancing is not available.
  4. All children and youth groups must have parent permission, temperature checks prior to entering, be socially distanced and masked. Outdoor meetings are required for these groups unless the group is small enough to be properly distanced and masked indoors while seated.
  5. We ask all people to stay home if they are feeling ill or having any symptoms. If someone shows up who mentions feeling ill or having any symptom, please ask them to head home.
  6. If any members of your group are not following these procedures, we expect you to ask them to do so.
  7. While working, masks need to be worn if you are in areas that the general public go into. You may remove it in your own work area.
  8. Coffee service is always limited to one trained coffee server. Masks and new gloves are required at all times.
  9. All areas are to be sanitized after use (including restrooms). The group leader is responsible for ensuring this gets done.

Warmest Regards,

Your Staff and Elder Board of La Jolla Christian Fellowship