Son of Anarchy Sermon Series

Fixing the Family Dynamic

No family is perfect. This was especially true for King David’s family. This sermon series follows the story arc of one of the greatest and most flawed families in human history, and seeks to find practical answers for us today in regard to creating a life giving and healing family culture! If you are looking to take your family to the next level, then this sermon series is for you!


Invitation Sunday

Know somebody who might relate to the story of a family in crisis? Somebody looking for answers? Invite them to come hear how God’s word offers advice and help for everybody and every situation. Please be sure to check in at our Information Station and we’ll give newcomers a free gift – a LJCF mug!


Take Your Faith Journey to the Next Level

Small Groups, Discipleships and Studies are available for all ages and life situations. Our new groups start the week of September 29…and many are still open for more participants. Click HERE or get info this Sunday!