At LJCF we are dedicated to giving all men the tools necessary to live fully functioning spiritual, emotional and mentally strong lives. We believe that healthy men thrive in Godly focused community and we operate in a way that facilitates making those connections deep and long lasting. The Proverbs say that as, “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” We believe this, but in order for it to happen, it means taking a leap into community. Below are some of the many resources available at La Jolla Christian Fellowship to do just that. We challenge you to make the jump and start the adventure!

Quarterly Events

This is our hub, the place where we gather the troops quarterly for fun, food, fellowship and a dive into God’s Word. Consider these events the Harbor where we gather before setting sail.



Small Groups

Because sustainable spiritual growth happens together in circles…not pews.

We all have a next step in our journey. LJCF has small groups to meet you there. To provide you with help, guidance, fellowship, and resources for wherever you are currently. Please connect, let’s not do it alone.