At LJCF we are dedicated to giving all men the tools necessary to live fully functioning spiritual, emotional and mentally strong lives. We believe that healthy men thrive in Godly focused community and we operate in a way that facilitates making those connections deep and long lasting. The Proverbs say that as, “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” We believe this, but in order for it to happen, it means taking a leap into community. Below are some of the many resources available at La Jolla Christian Fellowship to do just that. We challenge you to make the jump and start the adventure!

Quarterly Anchored Men’s Nights

This is our hub, the place where we gather the troops for a quarterly night of food, fellowship and a dive into God’s Word. Consider these nights the Harbor where we gather before setting sail.



Small Groups

Small groups are where relationship happens. We have a host of small groups for every demographic as well as men specific groups.  There are also groups for couples if you are looking for something for you and your spouse.

Co-Ed Bible Study Groups

LJCF features two weekday studies focused on the life and teaching of Jesus – inspiring our daily lives.

Elliott Stearns: Thursdays 6:30pm  A Deep Dive into Romans 5 – Justification, Faith, Peace. Considered by many to be the central chapter in Romans, with just its first five verses encapsulating the concepts of justification, faith, peace with God, hope, access to God’s grace, rejoicing even in affliction and tribulation, and more. Class will begin 2/10 and run through mid-March.

Pastor Jim & Linda Smith: Wednesdays 6:30pm team-teach this bible study class. Current study Colossians through mid-March. Three step approach: original biblical language, historic interpretation referencing contemporary commentary, and prayerfully exploring applications to life.



Chris ‘Bucky’ Bateman is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist that partners with LJCF to provide counseling services on site. He speaks, offers workshops and provides counseling on campus at a reduced fee. He specializes in working with couples in distress and with individuals dealing with complex issues. Contact Bucky at 619-630-3607


Married / Couples Bible Study Group

We put God first, spouse second and family third. This is a place for vulnerability, honesty, grace, and mercy. We strive together to have the best kingdom filled marriages that reflect Christ’s love for the church. Contact Garrett Neatherlin at 425-293-1792


Men’s Group

New session will begin April 5, please contact Jeremy Frazier. The men’s group gathers weekly to explore God’s word together and learn from one another. We challenge and encourage each other to live for something larger than ourselves. Proverbs 27:17 As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.



James 1:27 says that God accepts looking after orphans as pure and faultless. Join us for a day trip to an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico. Just as Jesus incarnated and came to earth to show the love of the father, we invite you to cross the border and bring the love of God to these children. Unity 4 Orphans has trips on the second Saturday of the month. You will not be building anything except relationships and letting God work through you as strong, loving men. These orphans have experienced abuse or abandonment from their fathers. This is an opportunity to step out in faith and demonstrate to them that men can be strong, caring, and safe through God.


Spiritual Direction

Rev. Greg Ehlert has training in this ancient Christian practice that allows one person to assist another in discerning God’s activity and presence in one’s life. A spiritual director listens with one ear to God and the other to the directee, always encouraging the directee to recognize where God is working, speaking, and leading. Spiritual direction is for those who want to drink from the water of life more deeply and consider their journey with Christ more reflectively.


Student Ministries

Our hope for the entire Student Ministries is to create lifelong disciples of Christ. We aim to do this by providing a program that teaches students about God through Scripture and provides opportunities to experience God through modes of worship, adventure, nature and more. The power of the Gospel reaching the next generation is our anthem.



We help coordinate various ministries which come together to provide Sunday services such as: Greeting Team, Coffee Team, Safety and Welcome, Service Set up and Tear Down. These ministries all work together to provide your Sunday service experience.