Adult Ministries

Our Approach

LJCF uses a diverse group of men and women leaders to oversee our approach to reaching, resourcing and equipping adults to live for and in Christ. This means that we lead in tandem rather than having a one-size-fits-all Men’s and Women’s ministry. Thus, rather than having one person in charge of each ministry you will have the opportunity to connect with lots of unique and diverse ministry leaders and opportunities as we all seek to develop men and women into mature Christian adults.

Our Purpose

LJCF is committed to connecting men and women to dynamic and life-changing community and opportunities. This mostly happens through living life together in one of our community groups or seasonal studies – i.e. Fall/Winter/Spring Women’s Study or in something like The Joshua Project, a 6 month journey for men into discovering their inheritance in Christ. These are just two of the many opportunities available at LJCF.

Discipleship and Counseling

For others looking to go deeper in one-on-one discipleship or counseling, LJCF offers the opportunity to do so and will do our best to find long time mature believers to walk alongside those looking to mature in Christ. If this is you, then click on one of the links below and we will do our best to get you rooted in community here at La Jolla Christian Fellowship.

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