Sometimes It Takes A Miracle.

Jesus is in the business of restoring Hope

80% of the gospels were written about Jesus’ miracles in the region of Galilee. There, He walked on water, healed the sick, and restored sight to the blind. Today, miracles seem fewer and farther between, if they exist at all. Come hear Pastor Adam tell about 6 stories of hope that just might help… IF YOU NEED A MIRACLE.


Invitation Sunday – NOV 10  9AM & 10:45

Know somebody who could use a miracle in their life? Somebody looking for answers? Invite them to come hear how God’s word offers hope and direction for everybody and every life situation. Please be sure to check in at our Information Station and we’ll give newcomers a free gift – a LJCF mug!


Take Your Faith Journey to the Next Level

Small Groups, Discipleships and Studies are available for all ages and life situations. Our Fall groups are underway…with many studies and special interest programs still open for newcomers – like the very valuable Parenting Class on Tuesday evenings. Click HERE or get info this Sunday!