La Jolla Christian Fellowship

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Our Purpose

La Jolla Christian Fellowship is a local micro-church, purposed to bring deep community transformation and far reaching global impact in the name of Jesus Christ.


La Jolla Christian Fellowship was founded in 1927 as First Baptist of La Jolla. Since then, this church has seen many seasons of effective ministry. Today, under the leadership of Pastor Adam Stadtmiller we are again experiencing times of renewal and refreshing.

LJCF remains under the covering of the American Baptist Churches Of the Northwest and celebrates it traditional, rustic and longstanding values.

Leadership & Church Governance

The governance of LJCF is three-fold and consist of our Lead Pastor, Elder Board and voting church members (Meet Our Leadership). Pastor Adam Stadtmiller is our Lead Pastor and prophetic visionary. Under his guidance, our gender diverse elder board act as co-laborers to approve, implement and oversees all matters of church life. Finally, those in our congregation who have chosen to take on the responsibility of membership vote to approve or disapprove matters of church direction. This includes, but is not limited to ratifying our yearly budget and selecting pastoral staff.


We believe that every Christ follower, who chooses to be a regular part of LJCF is a member of our church family. As a member or that family, we believe that they will want to support the community by giving of their time, treasure and talent.

We view organized church membership as a responsibility of family, that might or might not be right for all of our regular attenders. Many believers have no interest in being part of what might be called church politics. We honor that as a church and realize that the only church membership that has any lasting value is being a member of the living body of Christ. There are no second class citizens at LJCF.

With that said, many Christ followers do want to have a say in where there church is headed. For them there is organized church membership. As a member of our church you are tasked with a voice to approve or disapprove matters of extreme church importance. This includes, but is not limited to, ratifying the yearly church budget and the hiring of any new pastoral staff. If you would like to know more about membership at LJCF please contact our membership coordinator Ellen Martin

 Our Statement of Belief:

We believe in all of the great and central Christian doctrines including the Trinity; the Virgin Birth and Deity of Jesus Christ, the forgiveness of sins through faith in Christ and His atoning work on the cross; His resurrection; and His coming again to save His own, to establish His Kingdom and to judge the world.

We believe that the Bible is the inerrant, divinely-inspired Word of God and we preach, teach and seek to live by its inspiration and under its authority.

We believe that worship is fundamental to our relationship with God. We seek to exalt Jesus Christ through wholehearted worship, through Christ-centered living and through our witness to others. We emphasize Christ’s Lordship and we take seriously His call to discipleship and His commission to take the gospel to the entire world.

We believe that Christian ministry is three-directional: upward, in Spirit-led worship, inward, in the development of true fellowship and body life, and outward, in mission and service to the world. And further, we believe that the chief end and highest motive of each is that God be glorified.

We emphasize the essential role of the Holy Spirit in empowering, transforming and equipping Christians to effectively serve Christ and to build up His body. We believe that all the gifts of the Holy Spirit are operative today and we welcome the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him. Our worship services, ministries and fellowship gatherings should allow freedom for the Holy Spirit to operate in the context of balance, order and love.

We believe in the ministry of every believer, that every Christian has been called and gifted by the Holy Spirit for active ministry in the body of Christ.

We are committed to interdenominational Christian fellowship, recognizing that Christ’s body is made up of all those who are born of His Spirit and committed to His Lordship, and that the unity of Christians.

Beliefs About Human Sexuality

Because we are all wounded and broken people in need of the healing power of God’s grace in Christ Jesus, and being aware of the confusion of voices pertaining to human sexuality, the following statement defines our common understanding for sexual behavior.

Download Our Statement On Human Sexuality



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